Sunday, May 8, 2011


Weeellll its been awhile since i have posted..soo here is a post...if anyone even looks at this anymore lol

Since my last post i posted my NF finale, i got runner up in case anyone didnt know. im pretty happy about it cuz amber only beat me by .5 ;D

here are my latest simmie stuff

Assignment 2: Pop Art for Canvas

and the first assignment was Youz Trollin. I chose to troll the well used fairy assignment lol

Ive been playing a new berry family :3 its been fun but i dont feel like posting pictures right now so i will save that introduction for another post.. :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

My NF Finale Picture

So this is the final draft (maybe) of my Natures Finest Cycle 2 Finale picture! tell me what you think :D i havent submitted it yet, i cant decide if i want to mess around with it a bit in photoscape or what.............idk D: its due tomorrow...but i think i might post it before i go to bed tonight 

My assignment was to portray Beauty and Destruction.. Since its a nature competition i decided to show the beauty part through the meadow around her and also to make her makeup and hair simple and gorgeous! The white gown is suppose to simbolize the beauty in pure and Good things.. i was trying to go for a physical and psychological take on beauty and destruction, physical for her surrounding and psychological with the representation of Good using the white gown and all that fantastic stuff. The destruction part, as you can  see, is the trees in the background being burned and charred, and basically destroyed. The two demons are suppose to represent HER demons that she faces...the fact that evil is always trying to destroy you and take you down even when you are surrounded by Good and beautiful things. 

So yeah! tell me what you think!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ISBI - Chapter One!

Please read the post below if you havent already!

So like i said before i chose my simself to start this challenge off for me and so far its going pretty well! I decided to play in Twinbrook because i like the town layout and stuff......but i had forgotten that thats where all the uglies live... So what did i do about it? I married the first half way decent lookin guy that I laid eyes on. His name? Justin Kayes. Well Justin Daniels now ;D Here is a piccie! oh I think i forgot to mention that you CAN select your family members JUST to change their appearance and ONLY that. Soo yeah here is my husband and me :D

awwwwwhh i look so happy! SO anyways I got knocked up before we tied the we did that quickly. well got married that is.... It was a private, small exchange the rings type thing. and a couple days later baby Connor was born! And then shortly after that I rolled the want to have another baby >.<  I saved that want though because I want her to advance in her career a bit before having more kids. So now Connor and Justin just had a birthday :D 

here is Connor as a toddler

My next move is to have her go to work to HOPEFULLY get a promotion and then get her/me pregnant and watch a bunch of kids shows. I WANT TWINS >.< *cough* yeeahh....

Anyways thats it for this "chapter"

ISBI - Im Surrounded By Idiots! Challenge

So i was thinkin about doing an insane asylum challenge but darian told me about this one that was created in the sims 2 days. What it is, is you start out as a legacy with one sim, the catch is that sim is the only one you can control until the heir you choose is a YA and can get a job and find a mate. Im gonna do it up to 10 generations :D lets see if i can actually stick to this one xD I will be uploading images with descriptions and stuff, not gonna make an actual story out of it cuz i hate writing lol! but yeah! i think it will be fun :D the insane sims can wait awhile ;D

so anyways i decided i would use my simself as the founder :D this should keep me hopefully busy until saturday... (i have work off until saturday)

but yah! stay tuned for pictures and updates and shiz on this :3

after doing some research by darian, she found a score card that most people use with this in ts3. im actually gonna keep score to make it more fun and stuff! anyways here is the scoring rubric

Failing school : -5
Visit from police, firefighter, or babysitter: -5
Family Members passing out: -5
Accidental death: -10
Social Worker visit: -15

Single birth: +5
Twins: +10
Triplets: +15
Fulfil LTW: +40
Honor Roll: +5
Randomizing whole generations traits: +10
No wants fullfilments points used: +10
Every $100,000: +20
Spouse reaches Top of Career Track: +10
Free Point not used: +10

I also have 1 "free point" that allows me to select 1 other sim and make them do something such as getting a job or whatnot. I decided i will only have one of these for each generation.

I also decided to have a family trait where my heirs have to have it to be chosen as the heir. If it comes to it where none of the kids have the trait i will have to choose it and miss out on the randomizing points. The family trait i picked was neurotic ! 

so yeah! thats my challenge so far, and i will update the rules and stuff if i think of  anything else to add to it! 

you guys should do it to ;D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

my game got borked.

yah, amber and i killed my game while trying to figure out my CC issue. lol. it said the game was unable to start so i uninstalled it...when it came time for me to reinstall it i remembered that i loaned my base game to a coworker....i asked for it back but he forgot it today lol so he is bringing it tomorrow. but i have 2 comps due this weekend......sooo yeah. lol. fun stuffs!

(not relleh)

anywho...tell me. what have you guys been doin in you games?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

For you guise :3

i unprivated my blog so it shows up on your blog reel thingy mabobber xD everyone forgets to keep checkin here without it on there :P

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Griffins

This be an update on Bethany and her fam. Remember the last update i made on them Bethany's daughter Camden was just a teen and her son Tatum was a child. Weeelllll Cam is now a YA and is married and just had her first baby, a boy named Isaac :D Camden married Sebastian Striker. 

this is Sebastian
This is Cam in her.....interesting maternity wear...yes that is underwear with tights underneath O.o interesting outfit you got goin on there Cam....


Now to Tatum..Well he is fugly imo...buuut maybe he will possibly grow into his looks just a bit? lol anyways he is a martial artist master and has athletic maxed out because of an awesome little vamp glitch which makes vamps learn skills hella fast. i think they are suppose to learn faster but shit, not that fast! i srsly could have him sit down and max out a skill in like 2 to 3 sim hours. 

Now to introduce the new little Griffin Munchkin :P
his name is Chandler and he is half chinese! Ya'see when tatum was a kid he wanted to go to china and see all them nifty kung fu peoplez and shiz. so Bethany being the fantabulous mother she is decided she would take her son to china so he could become obsessive about kung fu....well while they were there, Bethany stumbled upon a...well a fine lookin chinese dood named Lee to say the least xD and Bethany being the whore she is couldnt keep it in her pants and came home with an extra souvenir. xD funny how bethany has 3 kids but only one is with her husband...what a cheating skank! xP anywho this is really hoping he grows into that nose of his.... :S

aaannnyyywhooo thats whats been goin down in my game besides modeling comp pictures. :3