Sunday, May 8, 2011


Weeellll its been awhile since i have posted..soo here is a post...if anyone even looks at this anymore lol

Since my last post i posted my NF finale, i got runner up in case anyone didnt know. im pretty happy about it cuz amber only beat me by .5 ;D

here are my latest simmie stuff

Assignment 2: Pop Art for Canvas

and the first assignment was Youz Trollin. I chose to troll the well used fairy assignment lol

Ive been playing a new berry family :3 its been fun but i dont feel like posting pictures right now so i will save that introduction for another post.. :)


Pistolkitten said...

Your Canvas entry is insanely good!

sun2401 said...

when are you going to make that a pic for the game? I want it!

Kellebean said...

thanks pk! :D i cant wait to see yours :3

lol! sun if i knew how to make CC i would o.o lol maybe RD will do it for you? i give her permission if she wants to xD rofl